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> I now write blogs because I like to write often, but short; my emails are too long for many, & I’m too happily busy with my African family to properly write long emails with many photos attached, to often enough bless those who enjoy my emails.
I finished all, but the first of these in Kenya, wrote this above from our unusual Christian high school/leadership training center building site on my android phablet (phone tablet) & am writing now from rural Masai Land before my second Masai house church teaching visit.
I’m so thankful & blessed to have felt real teaching Holy Spirit guidance in 4+ communities combining earlier life-changing Song of Solomon revelation with new Holy Spirit understanding & emphasis on the two foundations of the Kingdom of God; relationship and stewardship.
Each of my blogs is an improvement (from practice) with the 3rd having more & better placed photos than the others, but the first two are respectively shorter.
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He who weeps with love for the beautiful bride of Christ.

Greg Lia Kwa Mpenzi

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Wow! Good news from 5 countries, including Indiana, USA:)

Short note: I hate mentioning donations, but I also hate to think that friends would miss the reward of giving just $5 or $10/mo to make real disciples who love Jesus in countries where just a few monthly donors will support a leader who trains leaders, not to mention paying the postage for sending him a smartphone for photos & cheap internet communication (internet cafes are more expensive). To make it easy, I suggest you use your bank to do an automatic monthly payment to New Wave Ministry for an amount so small, you won’t likely overdraft your account, as I do to about 5 ministries. Our mailing address is in the next paragraph & at the end. I have a $20/mo. Donor whose $ are paying for the smartphone we loaded with bibles & a Swhahili & English slide keyboard, but I’d like help buying good books & supporting crusades, etc.

Just today, my Tanzania partner requested $400 to pay 2/3rds of his annual house rent for his family of four. I paid all $600 last year, and consider it a good kingdom investment, but just don’t have it, so far, on his week of “rent due”. If you want to help, it is tax deductible, if paid by check to New Wave Ministry, or by credit card at Mail to 29731 County Rd. 28, Elkhart, IN 46517.

GOOD NEWS: I’m amazed at all God is doing and people actually thank me for or at least my part. Here’s a summary:

1. Rwanda: My young brother-in-law went from not following Jesus to following him several weeks ago & is now teaching 6 new “followers” of Jesus that he has brought to more mature disciple meetings from his storehouse of school friends. He calls me his spiritual father! I’m so glad that I married his sister, shared our house with him before & after her death & chose to send support for his education.

2. Tanzania: God’s work through the partner God led me to in 2006 in Tanzania has suddenly taken off and is training up to 100 leaders at a time with a team of 12 “they understand the vision” leaders who are working with my partner training leaders and planting new house churches in rural areas and the capital city. They are also having small crusades using the Jesus video with numerous healings, conversions and deliverences. He says, “I can’t thank you enough.” It was God who led me to him & led us both through difficulty, but deeper friendship, from 2006 until now.

3. Uganda: My new step-father-in-law was the only “convert” at a meeting by the Apostle/Evangelist/Network leader that I traveled with in 2001 after Provi died. My mother-in-law said, “If he changes, I will get saved, too.” He has changed, for because of what the bible says, he said about the the people who stole their valuable turkeys, “The bible says we should forgive, so I forgive you.” He was happy when I talked to him, that now he is not just a father, but a brother to me in Christ! Thank God for giving me an honest, committed, very loving, and faithful in prayer, wife, whose prayers are probably a big part of the reason both her fathers have been converted to Jesus in their later years (late 60s & 70s).

4. Kenya: The US Embassy finally asked for my wife’s passport to put her Visa in it, and finally gave it after a 2nd medical exam, because the first one expired after 6 mos. The visa was already in her passport, but after many phone calls & a week when it was not available for pick up we postponed her arrival, but she was happy, because after I called when they were closed I had a full color dream (in my opinion from God) showing me it was a software problem (they send a link to you to get pick up information-sent by DHL). She was happy because, like the house church I planted unintentionally in 1996, turned out to be a first fruits of my work in Africa, & a healing that confirmed another word of the Lord to me, I think the dream was a confirmation that God will give me the revelation, connections, and anointing to be an influence of change in governments for the good of His Kingdom. After I called the embassy numerous times & once, was transferred to a phone system message that hung up about 20 times, and my wife said, “God knows the best time”, I called again & was transferred the immigration supervisor for 5 countries who said, “Where is your wife…”then “it was not sent out again, but I will authorize her to pick it up.” Then I called her & she got it the same day, despite only having an hour to pick it up before they closed. My travel agent found her a seat a few days later & she spent her last day with my Kenya partner before traveling to be picked up by me in Chicago about 2 hours from my home. I am sure there are many great ministry/house church activities in Kenya, but my Kenya partner is very busy as the director, and head teacher of a private school and I understand busyness with work, family, and ministry cutting down the news reports.

5. Indiana:

1. God brought a mature old friend and his wife to live in my house at the same time he brought a Ugandan lady to rent a room who both would watch Ashkey when they could and I needed it for free! All Christians and fully trustworthy. The Ugandan lady has bought clothes for her & given her many nice used things for toddlers. They also are/were great cooks, giving Ashkey baths, changing diapers, fixing her hair (Ugh) washing clothes and washing dishes! I had a full house with 3 rooms rented (av. 300/mo). And the house is cleaner than before they came!

2. I finally finished my last class for my Bachelor’s with a major in History (I dropped Business Administration as a 2nd major, because I hate studying what I don’t want to use, just for credit) and I got 98.8% on that last class! So now I have more time to catch up on business and ministry.

3. Despite the long hours of homework, and slow business, I repaired several serious leaks from old plumbing, removed 1 of 3 home-made water heaters that leaked, doubled the heat input of the most efficient non-leaking one (two gas lights running through a used gas water heater connected with insulated vent pipe) repaired a long-standing well vacuum leak, improved the well by shooting it with a 22 rifle (it worked) and with Craig’s list helpers and a good business helper finished two new lofts in two bedrooms to increase the rent value and make a place for Ashkey to sleep above us when Racheal and her new little sister arrive. She does real well sleeping above me (now us).

4. Got both my vans fixed from Oil leaks and starting problems and have acquired a good, reliable (Nissan-made drive train) minivan that I can travel with my family in, since the other ones are a bit old and get worse gas mileage. It gets much better mileage than the others, even with the first working air-conditioner I’ve had for years running!

5. After the Ugandan family emptied two rooms having found a nice home to buy, and the not too friendly renter found another place, I gained a wonderful single brother in the Lord, who was so helpful while he stayed, worked hard, loved Ashkey & voluntarily cleaned and loved reading my many Christian, health and history books.

6. My family is here! But I was so busy with my older daughter who wanted to make the house “lady-like” before Racheal arrived and with my wife & two young daughters, that I have not finished this news to send until now. It is wonderful, more than words can say, but I’ll let the pictures show you!

More News below:

Rwanda: The one African country that I’ve been in for much time, but had no ministry partners after my first African wife died (and little after 2007) has suddenly blossomed in my absence through my young brother-in-law, Erick, that I lived with before & after Provi died with the help of my radical-for-Jesus cousin-in-law, Smith, and another Rwandan, I met through him.

Erick (pronounced Erica) grew up a Catholic, like the rest of Provi’s family and, like many Catholics had little knowledge of the bible and did not understand the gospel. But we shared together, sometimes in long walks when Provi was not well & after she died.

He is the only family member that Provi asked me to support. It was a good investment! Providentially, when he said, “I have taken the decision to follow Jesus” God had given me contacts with mature young, non-traditional Jesus disciple leaders, who could give him the extra fellowship & teaching that a new believer needs. & it was through my short marriage to deceased Provi, that he was even more in contact with her cousin who became one of my few close African friends, who loves to share the gospel, so much, that when Erick left from visiting him, he said, “I want to go home & read the whole bible!”. Just a short time later he emailed me as one who had influenced him with my non-devotion to any group, but my devotion to Jesus, instead. After his email, he called me for help to find friends who do not “Think I am joking” and I contacted him with a young leader in his city, who was involved in a home-grown house church. Besides other students & people in the area he sees, he is earnestly sharing the gospel with his Catholic background family. I have been very busy, but we talk, at my expense on the phone & he is so excited & learning so much. But God has blessed me with a good low-cost secretary & enough of my own money to buy Erick an Android tablet that can connect to their wireless data carriers & load it with bible software for him to use to write his final manuscript for his accounting degree this fall, and for his studies for the work of the ministry that is given to all the saints (Eph 4:11?).

Tanzania: Is a now come to fruitfulness, ministry after years of struggle by David Saku, but blessed by two large $500 donations that purchased a portable DVD projector first, then large speakers, to complement the Jesus Film DVDs that David has been playing in mini-crusades for years. They have learned to work with willing traditional churches for free meeting places, and raise most of the money for seminar leader training, so they don’t have many consuming type expenses, but I would like to increase David’s small support from me (for lack of donations) for his growing family and get a large donation so they can buy a generator to power the loud speakers that draw people to watch the Jesus video, that is followed by healing, deliverance, and gospel preaching and receiving. He sent some photos, but in a format I couldn’t attach to this, but his smartphone is on it’s way, so he can photo & email photos to me at lower than computer-use cost.

Uganda: One of the exciting things, is that both of Rachel’s (new spelling after she changes her name after our soon gov’t approved marriage-avoided, for the sake of her fiancé visa) to Rachel Greg to match Ashkey & Victor(ia) Greg; Rachel’s father & step-father have reconciled, now that he step-father also decided to be “saved” & calls me brother in Jesus and her father took a trip to her step-father and mother’s home & was welcomed in love. Because they have over 20, mostly grown children between them who know well the stories of their parents in a small community, it seems God is doing a great work among my in-laws in two countries!

Kenya: Patrick & I are both busy, but blessed with agreement & plans to build a school together, when I can come up with enough funds & are both seeing more than we can explain of what God is doing around us in our respective countries. I have no more to say about Kenya, until I get more news from Patrick.

Indiana, USA: There is a lot that is happening spiritually, but, I confess, it’s way more than I can understand or perceive where it is going. What I can see, clearly, is that God has blessed me more than I deserve, with a very happy, supportive, energetic, and willing to follow my lead, in both spiritual and natural matters, wife, who, so far has agreed with me about every matter of prayer or concern. I’m almost thinking, “what’s wrong”, because I’m not used to things at home going so well and having so much fun with my US family, instead of more of pure spiritual focus. But I know that God is happy to bless us, & he is preparing a foundation for the things that last forever in our good marriage and family relationship.

Specifically, my business has been slower than usual in hot weather, but still has helped me pay in full for a mini-van that gets much better mileage than my older one, with a Nissan-made drive-train & I had enough for my seller friend to reduce the price to $900 below the book price if I could pay ½ of the balance I owed. It has room for my business tools/tanks/parts, etc. & my family and one rider. I’d like more income, but God has timed it so that I can spend a lot of time showing Rachel, how to do things, like run a washer, drier, blender, pressure-cooker, vacuum-cleaner & explain a jillion things that she has never seen before, having come from a 3rd world country. We are both constantly thanking God for the benefits of our circumstances together, including work when I have it & time when I don’t have work.

Yesterday we visited a country dairy farm, whose friendly family showed her how they milk 80 cows with milking machines, because we were looking for a source of raw milk and found one much closer to home. That & dinner with two of my older daughters & my father on Rachel’s birthday have slowed down our other projects, but been a great time for our family together.

We are just plain blessed. Just today, we received a prophecy from a local ministry, saying “God is about to speak something big…new things..unity, for your family, & about things that have been deferred…”. We certainly are blessed with unity in our desires & methods, etc, and a mutual desire to pay attention to whatever He speaks to us, for His Kingdom!

Enjoy the photos!

Thanks for listening to my news & thoughts!

Naye Lia kwa Mapenzi na Furaha,…


He Who Weeps with Love & Joy, for the Beautiful African Bride of Christ

(Known in the past as Greg Cunningham)

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Three New Waves:

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Ø Never-Ending Humility—To follow the King

Ø Total Sacrifice ————–Living out His Love & Humility


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Our new baby in Kenya, short travel news and family photos

We are so happy together as a growing family!

My timing for this trip was aimed to arrive before birth or our first baby after Ashkey, whose mother & my last wife died after birth, to help my wife get her visa approved, get a US passport for our baby, and oversee the start of building our Comenius School of Godly Leadership starting with high-school in rural Kenya, where my partners contributed property and knowledge of the area.

Our baby, Victoria Chazaq Greg, was born, 7 lbs 11 oz (3.5 kg) as I traveled to see her birth, from our rural building area. When I saw a call from my wife’s phone & talked to a lady, I thought it was a nurse who said the baby was born, a girl, and the birth was very good. But it was my very happy, thankful, wife, sounding like a different person. She delivered just 3:25 hours after labor began at 1 am. She was standing and happy when I arrived about 7 hrs. later. We left in the same taxi that brought us from down-town. It was a good first birth!

The greatest blessing is being together as a family, increased by a very nice apartment provided by God through the sister of my deceased wife. All of our goals have been started. None have gotten very far. But God’s goals have been greatly accomplished!

We are building foundations! In every area. It is significant to me that we are literally starting at the foundation level with our building, but made the most progress on preparing to dig and drive a well. The real foundation of Kingdom work is the church (called out community) working as a team with common vision. Though all of us expected to do more building, we all agreed that we had greatly built our relationships, had two baby girls, Victorina, and Victoria, both called Victor through two of our building partners marriages, and that God seemed to be most concerned (by His provision) with our families & time for prayer and fellowship.

As far as the school building, we agreed on an improved location, got our government approved architect’s approval of our unusual method of construction (in Kenya), found local material sources and good prices for a framed building, found well driving problem solutions, and bought most of the needed well materials and well driver parts that match the 1 ¼ inch well screen and point that I brought. I had just finished organizing my tools and materials that I brought & we bought & packing to be ready to leave for my baby’s birth, when Racheal went into labor about 2 hours later, so we got up, last minute packed, called a taxi & traveled with my building site host & partner back to Nairobi hospital where they were ready to check out when we arrived.

Foundation conclusion:

The vision God has given me is to greatly contribute to discipling nations (ethnos) by producing godly spirit led leaders who take the principles and Holy Spirit guidance, provision, and power to every mountain of influence in a culture. The Kingdom is all about relationship. “Like oil (spiritual anointing) it is, upon the beard, when brothers dwell in unity.” There is unity of purpose and method in my family. Likewise among our school partner corporation board (3 owners) with much improved understanding and respect, as well as humility for our common strengths and weaknesses. All three of us are so much alike, in leadership, accomplishment, and sometimes impatience & mistakes. We all made mistakes that set back our plans, but there is no point in starting a school, before we have full agreement and humble unity. So God has done what we needed most and used our mistakes to give us the foundation of the Kingdom, which is love & humility.

Recent understanding that I have never heard taught by others:

As a close observer of the characteristics of great ministries, a friend of very gifted people who have surprisingly limited ministry, and my experience in renting rooms and living with people, as well as my wide knowledge of world history and cultures, I have made this conclusion, I have never heard any other teach:

Responsible (not looking to or blaming others) consistent effort to make improvements, produces productive lives who are and spread happiness to others.

Those who blame and look to others for causes and solutions, do not overcome carnal behavior, do not mature emotionally or spiritually, and spread misery to others.

These things are true of both believers and non-believers! The most unhappy and possibly dangerous people blame, accuse, and envy others. They spread misery and unwilling suffering to others. This applies at every level from the ghettos to the leaders of nations and religious groups.

It is the difference between the last Adam, Jesus, and the first, Adam! Adam blamed the women, who listened to the serpent who blamed God. They did not accept responsibility! Jesus did not blame others, accepted His troubles as “For to this I was appointed.” and He said, “Work while it is still day.” and He did it.

To embrace the cross is to work when you don’t feel like it, humble yourself when you don’t want to, do what you don’t want to, and to accept responsibility for the circumstances that you are in or to thank God, because He works all things for good. Ironically, voluntary suffering (self-discipline) produces improvement for all. Lack of responsibility (self-discipline) produces suffering and misery for all including yourself!

The greatest need to improve societies are loving self-disciplined fathers who instruct their children with discipline to be responsible, diligent, productive members of society. Women are important, but fathers are the key. “Listen to the teaching of your mother, and obey the commandments of your father.”

I am not easily persuaded, but Racheal sees things I don’t, & she has a lot of wisdom for her age that I have accepted. But my children need my commandments or they will become selfish. And selfish people usually blame others for problems.

If you seem to have the same problems in life and are often upset, humble yourself. Start asking God to show you how you have created your own mess, by how you respond to problems. After that you can learn from you circumstances how to change them for good and stop being a spreader of misery to others who are near you.

Last minute, before departure, blessings:

Having paid my annual property taxes & my ½ value house insurance totaling $2,200 & paying for various home improvements, I felt a little short on travel money, since I need plenty (probably about $10000 to finish our school/home in Kenya. God blessed me with over $2,000 profit in one day of a furnace install & a service call & two good helpers to help me finish them both in one day! I still had a week of no business calls to finish my extensive packing of about 350 lbs of tools, constructions materials, generator, shallow well point & screen, baby clothes & sheets, & heavy books.

While I was packing, a growing amount, because I called my airline & they told me my 3 included missionary fare checked bags were up to 70 lbs (32 kg). My best business installer happened to be in my house to work on plumbing, when someone else’s work sprung a leak. So he fixed that with materials another guy bought that I couldn’t return, because he bought CPVC fittings in bags of 10. I was too busy, but he got it done & came to fix another leak that broke loose when he worked on the plumbing. (not my work:). See how God provides for details & blesses me in so many ways.

My mini-van sprung a bad front main oil leak, but I had recently gotten the oil leak & exhaust noise repaired on my full size van, so I had a working vehicle. The same worker said he can fix the front main & will do it before I return to drive it in Feb or March.

British Airways did, free check, the box I built to fit their large 22 X 18 X 10 inch carry on size, so I didn’t have to carry that clumsy box with my large laptop ( 18 X 14 X 8) duffle in my other hand & put it overhead. I was just taking advantage of the large & high weight (51 lbs/23 kg) that they allow for carry ons.

I did have to leave the generator box at British Airways, because it smelled like the test gas run, but I had enough time to rescue the shallow well drive point that matched the screen in other luggage & I did get it through security for carry-ons twice!

Thanks for listening to my news & thoughts!

Naye Lia kwa Mapenzi na Furaha,…


He Who Weeps with Love & Joy, for the Beautiful African Bride of Christ

(Known in the past as Greg Cunningham)

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Three New Waves:

Passionate Love————–From & for Jesus

Never-Ending Humility—To follow the King

Total Sacrifice ————–Living out His Love & Humility

28 images coming…

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12 days/photos with my African family in Kenya Inbox x Friends

Greg Lia kwa Mapenzi/Cunningham

9:02 AM (1 hour ago)

Composed on my smartphone for lack of computer modem coverage at our rural school building site. The photos mostly have my Feb 2011, Rwandan born daughter, Ashkey with Faith, Faith’s father & my first Kenyan partner, Patrick, Ashkey’s Rwandan Uncle Erick, my very pregnant wife, Racheal, and I holding Ashkey.

Ashkey was so happy to see me/Daddy/Baba that tears ran down her face as she laughed & smiled at the airport with Mommy, Racheal, & Patrick meeting me. I was so focused on my family that I forgot I had 1 more unusual 12 * 48 inch cardboard cement pillar form/tube packed full of building tools, newborn diapers, baby clothes, towels, etc., shallow well screen/driving point, roofing self-sealing screws, and cordless tool batteries. 32 kg picked up 2-3 days later!

We were so happy! After 4-5 hotel nights and hotel agreed storage of building things, we, with Racheal’s sister Brenda, traveled to Ashkey’s Rwandan aunt’s apartment with a Rwandan cousin’s family and ended up in a nice apartment with bright ceiling lights, furnished, two burner gas stove, kitchen cabinets and working sink, and a hot shower! A first for me in Africa.

After shopping with Patrick & buying well pipe & couplings to match the screen and point I brought, Patrick & Erick traveled with me to our building site in rural Kenya where I write this on my phone now. We agreed Racheal would stay with Ashkey and sister Brenda in the nice two bedroom apartment because she has to get a DNA test , and after results, interview for her US Visa at the Embassy with our new baby’s US citizenship and his/her presence with mom and dad. Plus we found a very good, but low cost hospital for birth through Ashkey’s Aunt. So I am with Patrick’s brother, building contractor, and 1/4 th owner of our future school, but increased by Patrick & and some buy-out money to include the current Nairobi 700 student school and a 1/3rd interest in another more lucrative (for Kingdom expansion) school. I am 50% Chairman/owner of all that with Racheal authorized to act with my veto capable vote in my absence.

Cement floor materials, digging cost, buy-out of other board members, added well costs, apartment, etc. have consumed most building money, but we did get approval of my design by a Kenya approved Architect and worked through 3 partner debate to build in accordance with the unique, but fine quality Godly leader education.

I’m staying away from my family till the corrected location and foundation is, at least marked out to dig correctly and the well is finished or till Racheal is in labor for our baby. Henry took two ten foot pipes on his cycle to the nearest town for threading where we got our manual well driver welded from a steel rod and scrap truck gear yesterday. I plan to finish assembling my recumbent bicycle that Erick brought for me from Rwanda with the great new tough front tire and tubes that I brought in my 290 pounds/ 132 kg of Missionary ticket Luggage.

Great things usually start slow and with difficulty, requiring persistence. A family and Ministry from another continent are not easy, but I feel un-deservingly blessed and honored by God to have and lead them both!

He who weeps with love and perhaps..
The father of nations through whom the world will be blessed. If so, it is all because of Jesus my first Love!

9 images coming soon!

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Short news & thoughts from a busy & blessed man

My family is growing (Racheal said everyone knew she was pregnant at 4 months or less, but 7 mos. now)

My household is growing even more-I have 5 adult room renters with 3 children, 3 cats, and a dog, & we get all get along very well! We had church at the table after dinner tonight.

My strength is growing-I learned a new, more effective way to exercise using less time for more rapid condition.

My property is growing more pleasant & useful-I have independent room heat in 5 bedrooms and two bathrooms (the coldest ones) and house-hold members and contract labor have cleaned & organized where I didn’t take time to do. I even have a renter who is growing ground cover starts for my previously weedful flower bed.

Our ministry of training leaders and planting house churches is growing in Africa, especially in Tanzania, and Uganda.

My income & business ventures are diversifying. The room rent income is paying house expenses, even some food, since we often eat together & I am now the chairman of a for profit Christian school in Kenya, with the funds delivered to build the foundation and first floor (of two); A slab floor, with plumbing planned for two showers, two toilets, and a kitchen on both first and 2nd floors.

I even found a Christian architect to do detailed drawings with changes to suit me, in digital form to email to my building partners in Kenya, who accepted my offer of $150 for his work!

My education is increasing. I’m on my 3rd 4 hr class toward my History/Business degree and reading several really good books related to nation changing principles for the expansion of the Kingdom of God.

All this is happening while I do installations and service calls for my HVAC business between study exercise, shopping, building design, house and van improvements & the new role of pastoring my believing, but not so mature, household!

Needless to say, this explains the lack frequent news-letters from me.

God arranged all of this, provided for it, and gave me the grace to be ready to play my part.

My thoughts:

The best part is all about relationship. My marriage is really wonderful & was the 5 months before we parted for the last three to be almost 5.

I have a real house mom (a renter) here who prays and cooperates with me in all household concerns and respects & listens to my counsel. She’s a natural mom for any age person.

My already good relationship with my Kenya partner has grown over a big obstacle with persistence on my part in debating his political views. After some firey debate, in person & by email, he said, “Your persistence in speaking truth has won me over! I will listen to your teaching in any area.”

I copy all significant emails to my wife, who said she reads them, loves them, & “I’m disappointed if I don’t see any mails in my in-box from you.”

The 4 oldest house members all praise the Lord when someone we love is in good shape or recovered, etc.

Many of my customers say they call me, because of my bold advertising of “Making Jesus Disciples in 5 African countries” and most are really pleased with my fast service, which is not hard because my wife is caring for Ashkey in Uganda, and most meals are cooked by others in my home, and my online class is on my own schedule, if I stay ahead. By having a local service business and enough money for stocking basics (like food) I use my service, sales, or installation travels to take me near my favorite stores. The flexibility of having my own business with no employees results in me exercising and taking a bath (while I listen to good teaching, usually), at any time of the day, whenever I need a break from computer work or to get ready for a work day, etc.

I don’t really deserve all this blessing. It is so much to be thankful for, but I am a little tired of being away from my wonderful love relationship with my pregnant wife. But there is a time for everything. I have devoted my life to pleasing the Lord and as it has been said, “You take care of God’s business and he will take care of yours.”

Our current travel, building, and residence plans.

I will arrive to Nairobi just after Christmas or New Year, but it’s not set just yet. But I have two paid for tickets. This is to arrive before our baby is born, but a late as possible to earn money, before I come. My wife surprised me today, that she preferred arrival 3-4 Jan, because traveling on Christmas & the next day is difficult & more expensive by bus for her.

Our baby is due estimated Jan 6 by me, or 21 by one doctor:)

If our baby is still on hold:) we will all travel to Kitale, for me to start building our 40 X 40 ft school with a 2nd floor home with 4 large bedrooms, 1.5 bath/toilets, kitchen, den, & big great room. The school floor with have 2 showers, 2 toilets, kitchen, 2 classrooms, and one multi-purpose room, plus small office. For fun we will have a rope climb & sliding pole inside instead of indoor stairs.

The foundation and first floor should be done by my arrival. I will shortly send detailed digital drawings and materials list, courtesy of a Christian architect who accepted a small stipend.

I am packing a well point to drive a shallow well, a small generator, cordless power tools, and some light-weight but hard-to-find in Kenya materials, a bread-maker, & lot’s of other things:)

If we have enough funds, I hope to get the building usable in a short time, but we may leave before Ashkey’s 2nd Feb 13 birthday, to save travel money, as her ticket is paid for & good until she turns two. Racheal’s visa will be issued after our baby is born.

If that is the case, we will all travel back & possibly return early April to finish the school if we have the funds to do it, because that would allow us time to start the school at their next term beginning May.

My hunch is that we will leave before Ash’s birthday, unless we have plenty of money, but I don’t know if we will return so soon, as the cost of travel will rise for a family of four, with 3 seat fares.

Whatever the case, we will return intending to finish the building & start teaching with salary as pay & profit to grow or expand.

But we want to be where God wants us & I hope we can be a part of a Greater Awakening in the USA.

Thanks for listening to my news & thoughts!

Naye Lia kwa Mapenzi na Furaha,…


He Who Weeps with Love & Joy, for the Beautiful African Bride of Christ

(Known in the past as Greg Cunningham)

Mail & donations to:

New Wave Ministry

29731 C. Rd. 28

Elkhart, IN 46517, USA–with a Great slide show & credit card donation buttons

(+ )1-574- 295 9696 Mobile for Cunningham Air & Heat (working in IN, MI, & even ALL USA)

(+) 1-877-679-0011 Free from US phones for African visitors or if your free long-distance won’t work.

Three New Waves:

Passionate Love————–From & for Jesus

Never-Ending Humility—To follow the King

Total Sacrifice ————–Living out His Love & Humility

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Short note on exciting understanding-New teaching. Not news.

God has made me an early adopter of new ideas, concepts, and products. I don’t get the good ideas or teaching from scratch, but I put them to practice long before they are commonly known.

This year, 2012, I’m putting to practice steps to train others in a new, to most of us, bible based concept. It was 20 years ago that I was really impacted by good teaching on the Passionate, romantic heart of God, at a conference in Kansas City. That same year, 1992, I began to read Rick Joyner’s writing & may have gone to my first MorningStar conference (led by him). I was exposed to the teacher, Mike Bickle, on God’s passionate heart in 1990, but not that teaching until 92. Like-wise, I was exposed to a teacher of the 7 Mountain Mandate in 2010, 20 yrs later, but it has sunk into a plan for practical application in 2012.

I’m just pointing out the 20 year patterns. 20 years before 92, was my first major step after salvation & growth in deliberately memorizing scripture, which laid the foundation for memorizing the Song of Solomon after 92.

I feel that learning about the 7 mountains of influence in nations (cultures) the school we will start building to produce godly leaders that transform the 7 mountains & therefore nations, & combining these ideas together is building to world-changing participation in restoring the earth to the rule of righteous men or the Gospel of the Kingdom.

The 7 Mountain revelation of mountains of influence in culture were given as a list of 7 items to 3 great Christian leaders independently at the same time in 1975. Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusade, Loren Cunningham (happens to have my name) the main founder of YWAM (Youth With a Mission) both had notes given by God in their pockets to share with each other, while Francis Schafer was sharing the same revelation. The point is that we are called to disciple nations, not only make disciples. To do that we need to invade and conquer, like Israel did the 7 stronger nations, the 7 mountains God showed, which are:

Religion (Church & mission)
Celebration (Arts, Entertainment, & Sports)
Economy (business, science, technology)

I am reading two great books on this, “The Book that Transforms Nation” by Loren Cunningham, “The Seven Mountain Prophecy” by Johnny Enlow, & because we are called to invade (war) an conquer, I am reading “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu.

These will be a great foundation for our first nation changing school in Kitale Kenya.

All of you; Please open your minds to the fact that we are called to preach the gospel of the Kingdom & to disciple nations & ask the Lord to give you understanding of how to expand your current vision & practice to obey His call.

For Jesus & His Kingdom, because He is my master & husband for all eternity,

Your fellow servant and bond-servant and lover of Christ

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326 New Believers. a Very Happy Wife & her visa news

Though very thankful, I was not very inspired in Rwanda, until the end (I write outside, our 2nd day back to Uganda, while my wife gets a police certificate for her US visa interview). But the last 4 days were great for my wife & I, with good news of many new believers and a blind man healed from our Tanzania partner! He wrote below with my comments in blue:


Can I get the monthly support in your account tomorrow so that I can spend some to my family support while am away for ministry trip this week? (I usually don’t include $ talk, but I recently agreed to support David at $150/mo, as he has been faithful, has learned so much, & is producing good fruit, as you see below. If some of you could donate to help him, even $5 or $10/mo, which is easy by online automatic payment, it would benefit you to share the heavenly reward of our work!) Will travel on Wednesday morning to Dodoma for 4 days for a JESUS FILM ministry trip ,and after will connect 3 days to Singida to visit some house churches in order to strengthen them, especially leaders.

Last month we did house to house evangelism and showed the Jesus film (DVD), We had 326 people come to the Lord..We prayed for the sick and one blind man was healed, He had HIV. Now he is under teaching to get to know the bible.

Asante sana


David used a video projector that I sent him years ago, because I got a $500 donation & loud-speakers, that I got with a later $500 donation from a home church leader in Austin, when I was there, because another good leader hired me to replace his heating & cooling systems (I have 4 HVAC licenses) to help support me. In rural Tanzania, or most 3rd-world countries, those who often have no electricity & certainly no TV or DVD player will gladly come to watch any video! David has the Jesus Film on DVD, that can be played in 8 common East Africa languages. After showing it He preaches the gospel prays for the sick, casts out demons (we did that together twice) lead people to Jesus, & starts house churches in new homes. Then for very little support from me until recently, has gone back to do it more & train/encourage new leaders!

Good news for Racheal & I:

She had the sometimes normal pregnancy nausea (Americans call it morning sickness) but also felt very weak more than ½ of the time. She likes to work, but for the last several weeks, she only had occasional bursts of energy & was hungry, but was nauseated just to see food. She has a Uganda wireless that receives calls for free from Ugandan friends. Unlike me, she leaves it on at night. Sunday, the first, a friend woke us at 2 am and only said, “I have something to tell you after you get up. I’ll call later.” She was aggravated to be wakened for that, but for the first time in many weeks she woke up full of energy, able to eat, and felt like hand washing (normal here) our many dirty clothes (we do have a baby crawling on quickly dirtied floors & sometimes the dirt yard). So I went alone, to my first house-church meeting (with a young man I met & became acquainted with), while Racheal stayed to wash & hang dry our many dirty clothes. I’ll do the wash in America with our clothes washer & gas drier:).

We both had a great time that morning!

I had a wonderful time teaching by asking questions in a group of 8 adults & a wonderful mountain motorcycle ride in the cool, sunny morning beauty. She was very happily scrubbing away outside in the same morning sun when I got back after a long walk with my English speaking friend to save money, but happily, for good conversation. She told me, her friend, Kitibwa, called again & said she had been praying for Racheal & the Lord showed her that the devil did not like our marriage & particularly did not want us to have children or what leads to them. He had caused Racheal’s raised level of nausea, weakness, & wanted to destroy our relationship, but he didn’t make any progress at all! That very night, Racheal’s praying friend, bound his work. Racheal was so happy, as was I, for her & my experience, the rest of the day. After she finished hanging & pressing some of the clothes, we decided to walk to a nearby restaurant we had found, for a nice meal while Mama watched Ashkey. We had such a nice conversation about many things. I was thinking, “This is a day I should remember.” So, in thinking what was the date, I remembered, “It’s your birthday!” She was so happy & thankful that I remembered. She said, “This is the first time I have forgotten my own birthday.” She was so pleased that her new husband remembered it! When we got home, she told me, “I knew my mother could find me herbs to help, and I was more miserable than I could tell anyone, so I decided I should go alone back to Uganda, & meet you when we intended to travel to Kenya for my visa interview. But every time, I wanted to tell you, the Lord would not let me!” Then she showed me that our small carry-on luggage was already packed for her trip that never took place!

Thankfully her visa interview was delayed by poor communication, until she was feeling well enough to travel with me to & in Uganda, getting police certificates (required-we’re in a police office now, when I wrote this, with a friend she remembered she had getting the first).

Next we were on a mission to get final documents ready for her visa interview and say goodbye to her family in Uganda, but we had such a good time with both new & old friends & family the last few days in Rwanda! My good friend, who was teaching our house-servant English before Provi (last African wife) died & who has helped me in so many ways (because his English is good) took me to meet a family who wanted to learn English, but as it turns out, are very Christian & whose oldest daughter (20) said, “How can I be a good wife?” She also wants to help orphans

To & in Uganda:

We were blessed, with favor from the beginning, starting with seat # 1 & 2 on the first bus, enough time (& money in my business account) for me to race to get enough money to cover my $50 Uganda visa (I forgot until we had boarded the bus early). The front seat spared Racheal the nausea she had coming on the back of the bus, & gave me a place to stretch out my legs for the 14 hrs of travel, minus stopping at the border crossing.

Most of our short time revolved around getting two police certificates for her visa interview, but we had a wonderful time visiting, first with one of her pastor’s (where we stayed before our wedding) and even more joyfully the 2.5 days visiting her family, and especially the good long talks I had with her recently saved father, the best of which was when she was in town, while Ashkey slept in our hotel room. Her father & I so enthusiastically love each other & rejoice together, even though I have to struggle to speak to him in Swahili, and he to reply in English, as we both understand those languages quite well.

Unfortunately, I lost many photos on my SD card & my other PDA camera did not synchronize my Uganda photos or videos & they disappeared when I synchronized it with my computer.

We went back to the capital to pick up the finished (we hoped) Interpol certified police certificate. It took two full days to get done, but God gave Racheal favor, while I packed for our 8pm departure to Kenya. Even though her paperwork had not arrived & her friend had to race to a bank for another receipt for payment of a government fee, (many African governments only accept deposits at banks) she found a man who gave her a certificate, even though the other dept. had not delivered her paperwork. He just trusted her while many others had waited all day for what they needed and did not get it. Her friend just got in before they locked the bank doors, & she got her certificate just before they closed, & Racheal reserved the last two separate seats on the bus service we had chosen!

They even accepted 35,000 shillings ($14) instead of 50,000 ($20.50) for our 3 large bags & a box, because that’s all I had after we paid our fare. For that they took care of customs on our new printer, too.

Though we were tired after 13 hours on the bus, Racheal agreed to go to the US approved health center for the start of her two day medical exam with an extra day needed for results to be sent to the embassy for her interview. It’s a good thing we did, because they did not begin it, but just set an appointment for the next morning, meaning her results would arrive Mon, before her scheduled Tue. Interview!

We have enjoyed our time with Patrick, his wife, Lois, and their four children. Patrick & I are usually walking, talking, & busing in town, after we drop off Racheal for her two ½ days of exams while our daughter Ashkey stays with Patrick’s family. We have also gone to team-teach at small meetings, that last with Racheal contributing to my teaching about training children as the responsibility of parents.

Saturday night was really encouraging for all of us, as the large house meeting confirmed that I do have spiritual discernment. I sensed a dominating spirit through the pastor’s wife, but said nothing about it. I asked for questions. 3 people explained dreams. I’m not very revelatory, but I usually can accurately interpret dreams, I am told by the dreamers. The lady who seemed to dominate, showed a good heart in testimony, but she asked me to explain the meaning of her dream. I don’t recommend it, but God afforded me a gentle way to give her correction, which she thankfully received well, even though it was public & contained in teaching to the whole group. Much of our teaching (Patrick & I) was about breaking bondage & overcoming dark spirits who sometimes come as “angels of light”. I was even able to quote some scripture by memory in Swahili to encourage the women in her earnest bid to be a humble servant of the body of Christ.

We have really been blessed financially, as for the first time, I left someone in charge of my business who has made it substantially profitable, even after he takes ½ of the gross profit, & had put significant deposits for me to use in my business account! Mostly, because of that, I have enough money for her USA ticket and most of our travel expenses to go together to an expensive “Educator’s Symposium” in S. Carolina, as I feel the burden to start a good private school, most likely in Kenya, first, because the way our children are educated, is the greatest success of our Kingdom work, or the demise of our entire society. Even though she clearly does not want to be apart from me, we still agree, that I should travel alone, if her visa is delayed, to go to that symposium in person, so I can say, we still have no real disagreements after almost 5 mos. of marriage! We agree, we want to be together, but we must not neglect the foundations of our future kingdom work. She had a short job teaching in a secondary school in Uganda, & both her & the students loved her teaching! She should be a great asset in any educational project started & overseen by me.

About the school idea:

I have observed that much of the destruction of Western society comes through the influence of government leaders and major media who are primarily well educated in humanistic public or private schools. This is also happening in African nations who model their governments on western nations, especially the USA, and do not want to promote any religion, which means a lack of moral education in the public & some private schools.

I am blessed to be a well liked unconventional teacher who happened to take some very excellent education classes nearly 30 years ago. I also have an aptitude and broad knowledge in economics, government, health, history and all the social sciences and the good fortune to know of a educator’s symposium, presented by four members of a private Christian school whose students have outperformed in measurable performance, all public and virtually all private US schools. On top of that, God has provided more funds for my travels than after any other African trip, & linked me with a man who was the lead founder of a private secondary school in Kenya & who has available donated property and permission already granted from the government to start another school!

I am eager to attend this symposium and meet some of the leaders to find out how they have such success, with only four days of school/week for their students, & no homework!

After that we can raise money to build a school & house in Kenya, develop a curriculum that meets Kenya requirements, but adds leadership training content.

Racheal’s visa, 11 days in Kenya & back to our home countries:

I generally haven’t had good experiences with US embassies, except they aren’t known for seeking bribes. To get a visa, you must interview, when you have all the myriad of documents, alone, unless you need an interpreter. Ironically, instead of raising any abjection about where she had lived, worked, and schooled, or the criminal reports, the counselor asked questions that should have been directed to me! Knowing she was pregnant, his questions implied he thought I was not the father & doubted that I was with her when she got pregnant. It would be obvious if you compared our passports, considering she had never left Uganda until we were both in Rwanda & we were in Uganda at the time of our ceremonies & honeymoon. He even said he wanted a DNA test after our baby was born. But Racheal is very mature. She said, “God has a perfect timing.” We already agreed, I should go to the educator’s symposium at MorningStar Aug 3-4,. My finances seem to improve the more the US economy lags, to the point that, since no flights were available on my missionary ticket (which included Ashkey) & it’s good until March, either direction, the Lord blessed my Christian travel agent to stumble across a ticket from Kenya, to the conference near Charlotte, NC, for just over $1,000, but even better for about $1,600 round-trip with a low cost change for return for a bit over $1,600, after I get to New York. So now I have 2 paid for across the ocean fares to get me back to Africa &/or return on one with Ashkey. I even have enough for the symposium, nice hotel rooms, & travel home, not to mention our current bus ride with 4 adults to Patrick’s home land where we expect to build a high class private school! I’m typing on the bus to town to catch the long-distance 5 hr bus ride for our 5 day trip, including a wedding of Patrick’s brother, and teaching a group of new bible-school graduates.

Our plans:

This trip includes school building site survey, choice, and talking to our general contractor, who is Patrick’s brother who came to Jesus after Patrick, after beating Patrick many times for his faith.

We will visit & help more house churches in Patrick’s current home area, after we return, until my departure August 1.

Racheal will return to our good pastor host in Uganda, with Ashkey. I’d rather bring Ashkey with me, but the USA governments are so unfriendly to parents and fathers, in particular, that I was pressured to sign an agreement to not have Ashkey on “work-sites” with me, as I did June to March. If I had gone to court it could have delayed our good trip and marriage for months. In the minds of the government, leaving a child in a nice living room with nice friendly old experienced mothers, when you are in the house walking in & out is dangerous to their health, just because it is a “work-site”. And everyone thinks of work-sites in construction as dangerous for babies. But my work-sites are like visiting friends & certainly safer than leaving her with people for a whole day that I don’t know very well! So I will leave Ashkey with her new mother, until I can get that agreement nullified in court or until Racheal can come with me & our new baby. I agree with many that our government has grown too large & too intrusive to good parenting to the point that any crazy complaining person can jeopardize custody, because in child-protection, you are guilty until you pay a lawyer to prove you innocent, especially if you are a single father, no matter how great a father you are. The first one who complained against me was apparently an older man-hating women (prejudiced against single fathers) because she complained about dangers of things she had never seen, like my water heaters that are heated with gas lights & are the required code distance from combustible materials. Such is a culture where most young adults are immoral, singles, and women do not respect men.

I really enjoyed Ashkey’s company, despite the difficulty of running a business as a widower father of a small baby, but Racheal is experienced, having done much of the raising of her younger siblings, especially her baby sister, who lived with her & was taken to school, etc. away from the rest of the family. I want to be a good father of Ashkey. Part of that is working to provide for her, her mother, and her coming siblings. I’d rather be apart from her for a time, than (the first time more than a week in her first 17 months) than risk losing her because a crazy American complains because I take her to work, when I own the business! Fortunately the child-protection guy I talked to last told me they have no jurisdiction or official concern over my actions in Africa and she does have East African (Rwanda) nationality.

I fly straight to Charlotte, NC, then find a way to get back home Aug 5.

Without Ashkey, I should have time to earn a lot of money & get some capital for building a school & home in Kenya. But I do expect we will spend a lot of time in the USA, but continue ministry combined with business in Africa.

My 2nd paid-for return ticket just cost $50 to change, so I can return when Racheal & I decide is right, but likely late October -Dec. My father may decide to come to Africa with me, since returning to the USA is no problem for all of us after our new baby is born (probably early January).

We may build our residence above the classrooms. The school should generate enough income to pay us well, but if we are not ready to start the school & teach, we can come together to my mostly recession-proof business, which is busy in service in January & February.

About the economy & my own increasing prosperity:

I don’t really know any one thing that has caused my prosperity, but I’m rather the opposite of our government, who started carrying a federal debt load the year prayer was removed from public schools! My business down-sized in 2005, & left the beyond payable debts with the closed corporation. I don’t like not paying debts, but there was provided by God the 7 yr. Jubilee. This is 7 years since my asserts were stolen by the man who never paid for the business he bought! Here is the advice I give from my own experience:

“Seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness…” Matt 6:33. I have never lacked the basics, though tested, since I started that 43 years ago.

Start your own business. There is more education in the failures and successes of business than in working for someone else. And more freedom to obey God! There are big tax benefits, too with good accounting advice!

Be frugal! Don’t try to have things that people expect. Count your money as a resource that is a tool for the work of God & one you must be faithful to use for the profit of your master.

This might be new to you: About the time my business started growing against expectation (fall 2008) I had begun to give to more ministries every month. I only give $5-15/mo to several good ministries, but I use my online banking to do recurrent payments, if they don’t have recurring charges, so it doesn’t take much time or thought on my part. It seems as my really small giving increases, my self-supported missionary trips grow longer & financially easier. This is my 2nd 5 month trip, over twice as long as my average previous trips, with more money at the end of both than previous trips & a new baby on the last, but a new wife & coming baby on the this one. Hasn’t God blessed me. Even my US house & business have improved despite being out of the country 5 months each year!

I can suggest you give tax deduct-ably to New Wave Ministry, but it really doesn’t make much difference to me where you give. But you are the one who will grow rich in heaven if you support ministries that do not waste money, like us, Heaven’s Family, World Missionary Press, House@House, etc. As for us, since I pay most things myself, I use donations as specified or in a very efficient way, like for materials to duplicate Jesus DVDs, DVD players or the very best books to give to leaders. If I get big donations, I might buy more Jesus Film DVD projectors, speakers, or if really big, even build or equip a school/training center for leaders.

I really feel sorry for many Americans, because your investments my vaporize or turn into hyper inflated dollars, but the coming economic dive (yes, I said that) is an opportunity to make a profit, if you invest in something that is needed during the times that come, like advertising a service business in a phone book:). The advertisers are looser now. I am running ads that say I make Jesus disciples in 6 African countries and some people say the call for that reason!

Thanks for listening to my news & thoughts!

Naye Lia kwa Mapenzi na Furaha,…


He Who Weeps with Love & Joy, for the Beautiful African Bride of Christ

(Known in the past as Greg Cunningham)

Mail & donations to:

New Wave Ministry

29731 C. Rd. 28

Elkhart, IN 46517, USA–with a Great slide show & credit card donation buttons

(+ )1-574- 295 9696 Cunningham Air & Heat (working in IN, MI, & even ALL USA)

(+) 1-877-679-0011 Free from US phones for African visitors or if your free long-distance won’t work.

If you want to call or text. My Rwanda phones are +250 72 295 9696, +250 784 55 25 95, & Racheal’s is +250-728-980-012.

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Exciting news & What God is really doing

our new baby in kenya short travel news and family photos Greg Lia kwa Mapenzi/Cunningham

11:12 AM (28 minutes ago)

to bcc: me

Now I finally feel inspired to write. My wife is pregnant & we are both very happy! She had been feeling weak, with strange appetites, so I said maybe you are pregnant. So we went to the local hospital, the pharmacy ($1.80 self test), back to see a doctor ($7.50), then got an Echo-gram (Ultra-sound for $11) and I could see the heart of our tiny baby beating, but he/she was so small that my estimate based on knowing more than the technician (his guess was impossible) is our baby was 6-7 weeks old in the womb a week ago. The doctor’s charge is much less if you have Rwanda national health insurance. I hope Racheal qualifies for the Health Indiana plan that I have, but I have a daughter that is certified to assist natural childbirth in Indiana.

Written 6 wks ago:

None of us really know all that God is doing in us, but if we have a little wisdom we know that He is doing things beyond our expectations & perhaps we are wise enough to know His goal is more focused on our character than the things we think are important to accomplish. But He does have good works prepared for us to walk in. But with Kingdom work experience you know that He likes to do things in ways we do not expect &/or at times we can’t know.

This is what I perceive He is doing with us:
He is building foundations in my new family.
First is our marriage:

We pray about every area of our shared life. EVERYTHING!

We talk about everything, even our past mistakes & weaknesses.

We read & discuss great books together.

We help each other & try to work in the same room. (e.g. She irons clothes on the bed, while I lean against luggage typing on the floor)–At this moment (weeks, ago) we are in her sister’s home in the capital, sitting together using our two computers, on the nice bed with Ashkey playing with us on the bed.

We help each other with “our” daughter.

Second is building relationship with our Rwanda extended family, which is actually building a team for Kingdom work, as the connection is most fruitful where it is spiritual.

Racheal is confirming my observations of my youngest full Rwandan brother-in-law (by deceased wife). He is amazingly mature for his age, with such a good heart!

We are both amazed by the childish excitement of my first cousin-in-law, because he has discovered in me a man who has the same revelation of grace that rescued him when he chose to give it all up, because he could not be righteous, & he was on his way to even give up his bible, when God spoke, “I will never leave even one of those for whom I died, unless they choose to leave me!” I shared with his neighbors, “Everything comes through faith in the work of Jesus. It never changes no matter what we have done. But we can choose to leave Him.”

We are currently (Early May) with my wife’s sister (actually a first cousin she spent some growing school years with) 4 hours from my in-laws, in the capital, having a wonderful time in a really nice home. Once again there is a divine connection for the Kingdom work to which I or we are called! Fortunately, her sister & husband both speak English, Luganda, French, and the first national language, Kinyarwanda, very well, and our expenses are small for them, with better cooking (Ugandan beans beat Rwandan beans hands down). The head of the house, Geoffrey, loves talking with me & has taken me to his expensive private school job, to do two things: To help me apply to teach there (for very good pay; thus his nice house). Second to help me connect with leaders in gov’t, because of my desire to bring the kingdom of God to the government and culture of Rwanda, but sharing economic & sociological truth that can prepare the nation for a greater work of God & avoid the sociological and economic mistakes of declining westernized nations.

This might sound strange, but wasn’t it strange when, I wrote down the goal of helping to lead more than 100 churches when I was leading no Christian group? & I wrote down to go to a third-world country to find a good wife. Both of them happened far beyond what I could have even dreamed of. Thousands of churches in 6 countries, and 2 wonderful marriages, with no lasting problems other than illness & death of the first.

So now I have this crazy desire to change a nation, based on my knowledge and high aptitude for economics, and all the social sciences, plus knowing the Lord & His word. I met, through my new brother/cousin-in-law, a member of the Rwanda parliament & shared my knowledge of what produced the strong economies of USA & Japan, what destroys economies, like Europe, and the same in terms of society (good society is based on marriage of men to one women!). That was one of the three reasons we came to the capital, & ended up spending two weeks with two of her sister/cousins. I also contacted the head of Migration about obtaining Rwanda citizenship by my 3+ yr marriage to a Rwandan (I need his help because my wife died) .

Testimony of God’s providing great help on our arrival by bus to Rwanda: Our 55 lb luggage bag arrived 2 hrs before us, because 3 men who were not English speakers told me my bus didn’t leave until 6 pm. But they meant 16:00 or 4 pm! It was locked in the office when we arrived before 10 pm, so we met Racheal’s sister & slept without our luggage & many chargers for our phones. Leaving Ashkey with the two lady house servants, we traveled by two city buses to the bus terminal and got our luggage, but I put Racheal on the first bus in a country where she speaks less of the common languages than I do. But she had a phone & her sister & my phone numbers.

She met a man on the city bus who spoke excellent English, and said, “When you said you needed to stop at the Miracle Center church, I knew you were a Christian. The Spirit told me, since you were a foreigner, as I have been in Kenya, I was convicted that I must help you get to your destination. This man, Tarsus, chose to travel beyond his destination, and paid his fare & her double fare (because of the large luggage) for the 2nd bus and walked all the way to the house with her (she had never walked to before) to make sure that she arrived safely at her destination! I went from there to the land-line phone company who still have wireless internet only for wireless customers and now have a much faster wireless internet in my computer. The other I had was too slow to open my email properly.

She is still sitting next to me in our nice bedroom at her sister’s translating “The Disciple-Making Minister” (a great free bible-school in a book) into Luganda from English, because they put translations on hold, because the new language translators, would stop working after getting a partial deposit, but we don’t need a deposit and Heaven’s Family Ministry, all know me. It’s good because, so far I can explain to her the meanings of any English words that she doesn’t understand fully. That book is the best basic doctrine book I have ever read. Nearly the whole 20+ million Ugandans and many in other countries can read Luganda. She met two Ugandans in Rwanda when we were at the hospital.

What God is really doing:

We don’t know it all, but it seems He is getting us started in marriage and in Rwanda with very helpful & generous relatives, lining up income to spend time here as a self-supported Kingdom ministry family, and starting the process of changing the mountains of influence in a culture by giving me contacts with leaders in Rwanda government. I expect to continue teaching spiritual truth, but to also teach government, business, and education leaders truths that will make them successful & prepare the way for the work of His kingdom.

We had a great leadership fellowship with 6 nations represented (counting me, Racheal, & Ashkey:):

Haggai from DRCongo, David from Tanzania, & Patrick from Kenya joined us for a few days of fellowship in our house host’s home & all slept together in my brother-in-law’s room at his request. We have many new house churches in both Kenya & Tanzania, totaling around 100!

Thanks from Kenya, Patrick, for our leadership fellowship:

Mr & Mrs Greg,
I give glory to God for a safe trip back to Nairobi. I arrived this morning at 11:00am, in safe and in good condition. My gratitude goes to Mrs Greg for being such a hospitable host and keeping us happy and supplied with food for the 3 days; I also convey heartfelt thanks to Mr Greg’s in-law, Erick for allowing me to sleep in his bedroom. And Mr Greg, thank you for facilitating this trip and meeting in which I gained greatly from your historical, biblical, social and economic cistern of knowledge which you shared unreservedly with us. Lastly, it was a great opportunity meeting, learning and exchanging biblical, social, economic and political knowledge with the other leaders: Saku (Tanzania), Haggai (DRC), and Smith (Rwanda). My cousin-in-law joined us.

God bless of you as we put into practice some of the ideas we learned.

Last great tid-bits of news:

I had a great 2nd trip to the capital with 6 days apart from my wife for the first time. She missed me!

I had important meetings with government & Institute for National Transformation leaders for 5 of those 6 days. More later, but my ideas were really well received!

A man I met on my return trip brought his brother-in-law to meet with us & my cousin-in-law for fellowship/discipleship together. It was the best meeting in English, I remember in 14 years! The first man, came back the next day for good discussion with us about the foundations of faith & Kingdom leadership.

I have nearly perfect scores through 7 of my 8 week Seminar in World History I.

My wife & I have a wonderful relationship. Still no real disagreements after 3 mos.


Thanks for listening to my news & joys!

Naye Lia kwa Mapenzi na Furaha,…


He Who Weeps with Love & Joy, for the Beautiful African Bride of Christ

(Known in the past as Greg Cunningham)

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If you want to call or text. My Rwanda phones are +250 72 295 9696, +250 784 55 25 95, & Racheal’s is +250-728-980-012.

Three New Waves:

Passionate Love————–From & for Jesus

Never-Ending Humility—To follow the King

Total Sacrifice ————–Living out His Love & Humility

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Extreme blessings, trials & more blessings

Photo Gallery at end of post

After a seemingly perfect honeymoon (I don’t want to devalue the word’s literal (flawless) meaning, though it seemed perfect to us) we slept late at our pastor/host’s home where Ashkey had stayed & were tired the Sunday at her pastor’s church.. It was a 10 hour church day! I did come down with a bad cough/sore throat which didn’t spoil our wonderful, restful honeymoon, but after packing for our early morning bus trip out of town, our night was very short & the 3+ hr trip was very hot. I got a sleep deprived head-ache before we took our first 3 man motorcycle taxi ride to our first teaching meeting. I took a total of 8 extra-strength Anacin (I seem to be immune to low doses or toxic doses:) & still had some pain, but how blessed we were to run across her new-born again father & to see him arrive for our first meeting! Even though the group wasn’t ready or enough adults to warrant my planned seminar on the Song of Solomon, my father-in-law, Sylvester asked great questions when I invited them. Racheal confirmed that God really lead my sharing (I turned the direction to answering questions). We traveled to two more teaching stops outside homes, both with sore throats, headaches & some stomach pain part of the time. Her father came to every meeting & we figured out that he could best understand my Swahili, & I his English.

Physically the trip to her home-town was miserable, but how my wife is a treasure!! The first day I was just trying to think about other things on the last long ride to the hotel, to avoid throwing up on the back of the 4 person motorcycle (Racheal held Ashkey) in front of me on the back. My headache was getting worse. I collapsed on the bed, of course, making sure Ashkey was taken care of. Then Racheal massaged my back, my scalp, & my feet! She had a sore throat, some head-ache & occasional stomach pains, but I am so blessed! She never complained & rejoiced with me for everyone that was blessed by our travels, including her father’s avid questions & hugs for me! We never got enough rest for 3 days & it was too hot for a North Indiana American to be comfortable, but the response of the people & her father, in particular, was great! I also learned a lot about the unusual endurance and maturity of my young wife. To me it seemed like the most miserable 4 days I could remember, but it was only 3! But we’re both glad we went. Racheal told me, she was telling those who asked, that Ashkey was her first-born. Truly, Ashkey cries if Racheal won’t hold her, even when she first sees me after a few days of travel!

We returned all the way to our host/pastor’s home to get a decent nights sleep, but left the next day to visit my original apostolic, evangelistic, church planting network leader with whom I traveled last year until I met Racheal. That four day trip was really wonderful!

We stayed in a house with a private bedroom & bath that was more comfortable than the last $16/night hotel. Our bachelor host spoke excellent English & loved talking to me (typical in Africa).

We visited 3-4 house churches for each of 3 days, with great discussion teachings.

One day, our 2nd stop had 3 ladies who said they wanted to get saved! Unbeknownst to me, I was sharing about the real gospel to people who really were ready! After leading them in prayer & explaining the importance of baptism, 2 more men wanted to be saved!

At the next home we found “A worthy man.” Matt 10:5 who was waiting to be saved! He had invited his best friend who with his wife also received the Lord as both Savior & Lord! Fortunately, he spoke English & loves to read good books & I had brought about 200 good books, which I said, I’d leave with our pastor/host for a library for English readers!

Our “worthy man”, John, came with us for the basic teaching discussion, that is my nature when we eat & travel together. He was well-to-do, businessman, so he drove us the next day & to the home traditional church of my great leader contact on Sunday.

Our new bachelor host, stayed the last two days at a friends house, so we had another honey-moon cottage & both got good rest & made progress against the real nasty colds we shared.

Of course we got more rest, because Ashkey & our host’s family were so happy together that we left her with them those 4 days, but we were both glad we took her to see Racheal’s family, who had never seen my baby before, except in photos.

We postponed our travel to Tuesday night, so we had time to start packing Sunday evening plus time to teach a disciple-ship group on Monday.

I taught new subjects with no use of my computer for notes Sunday & Monday, & was so blessed at how it all came together to teach about the churches needed expectation of great influence & it’s responsibility to bring the kingdom beyond salvation to business, education, & government. I taught the responsibility of all believers to both make disciples & to build the church, which requires destruction of false ideas & methods of evangelism (like bring them to buildings:) before you can build!

Two things have impressed me in my experience with a marriage/ministry partner in Africa this second time:

She is much more mature, has more endurance, & is a better fit from the start than I had imagined. We truly, honestly, have enjoyed every minute, even with head-aches, together! We have never disagreed, but she can be decisive & assertive. She highly respects me, but one day she said, “I’m going to give a teaching before you speak.” Then the Lord led her to share her testimony, at length, which I had never heard. The key connection for me, on our first trip was with her father. After she finished her testimony, which he probably had heard, he arrived to hear me teach!

Even when I have been worn out from being a single father, with sometimes no help, & a business owner/operator, with very few ministry opportunities in America &, in a dreary winter climate (I came here tired) God seems to bless me with an amazing, even to me, ability to connect & communicate ideas, with very little preparation time.

Since I read & reread, “Men & Marriage” by George Gilder & am very happily married again, I think God will use us to teach on the subject of marriage as a key to making disciples in the coming great harvest! I do answer a lot of questions on the subject, & I certainly can share the Lord’s answers for a wide variety of marriage challenges.

Our wonderful time in Rwanda:

Traveling long-distance on an African bus is more miserable for most Americans than anything but serious illness or injury. But as usual, my new wife was a champ & held, changed, & fed Ashkey most of the time for the 14 hr trip in a cramped large bus (my knees hit the seat in front & we struggled with my big back-pack, baby stuff bag & her big purse. But at least the night temperature was not oppressively hot, nor was it too cold for the clothes we took. None of my 10+ Africa mobile sim cards would work in Rwanda, nor was anyone waiting for us. Most likely, because little is on time in Africa (our bus was late) & it’s hard for my friends to find a working phone number to ask if the bus has arrived (Most businesses do not use the landlines they had or use the same mobile phone numbers). Rachel sat by the road with our 4 big bags, 2 small, my pack, & Ashkey, while I ran up & down the road (one of two main streets) finding a working sim card. But it was cool & I had no head-ache. After I called my cousin & brother-in-laws they arrived as it began to rain. It rained so hard the water was piling 1 foot above the culvert crossings because the rain was up to the top of the culvert or the foot bridges.

Since our arrival we have had a wonderful time with many blessings!

We seem to be surrounded by relatives & friends who answer questions, feed us & provide for all our normal needs, including a big bed & mosquito nets & storage for my many accumulated possessions in two houses that are a 7 minute walk apart.

My newly married (April 1st) multi-language proficient cousin-in-law & his wife actually almost quarrel with my brother-in-law’s mother as to who will feed us & house us!

She is my real mother-in-law, who is so happy to see & hold Ashkey, who, I think brings healing to her heart for the loss of her mostly estranged daughter, Provi. Ashkey really shows both her mother & I in her face. Ashkey has taken well to her maternal Grandmother, even though she speaks no English with us.

Smith & his wife Bebe (pronounced Baybay) just want to spend time with us, especially me, for the moments of teaching discussion we have in their home. Even though she speaks little English she loves us so much that Bebe wants us to stay with her, even when Smith is called to Sudan for his UN communications liaison job for the Rwanda police who are training South Sudan’s police with about 10 soldiers to guard them.

Smith helped me buy whole-wheat flour, & a 2000 watt voltage regulator with 110V output for my used bread-maker that I brought in my luggage, so I have cooked my 4 loaves of healthy home-made bread, for the variety we need, from westernized, white roll & tea breakfast, etc fare.

We spent a day with my other mother-in-law (Provi’s Aunt/mother) & picked up my bicycle, 2 printers (that need repair, I think) bike parts, 2 pairs of shoes, long pants, t-shirt, socks, etc that I left in free storage there from my last trip last April.

Though I forgot a lot of things, like bike tools & lights, I did bring my two bike rims with better tires, big tire liners & heavy tubes (two sets of all but rims) & had enough tools to assemble it & ride it to town on the rough volcanic stone roads, with only one flat out of 8-9 trips to town.

I feel so good when I ride it & save money on motorcycle taxis & best of all, my wife enjoys riding the strong back luggage rack behind my recumbent seat, so much that she said, “I wish we had had this on our Uganda honey-moon!”

After arriving, I got to two local universities, just in time to catch the staff before a week long break to get contact info for both schools who may need faculty with my abilities! I have gone back to both after the break finished. One has one opening May 1. The other has several openings starting in July.

With all the hospitality, our main costs are internet & phone calls, but not too expensive with my dual-sim phone that I bought in Uganda, my Android phone for internet (version too old for consistent calling) and my computer I brought with two long-life batteries. I think we will stay until I line up teaching, business, or both, incomes to support us in Africa.

Humorous bath & toilet stories:

Bathing is a challenge! It is so different than America! It takes a while to remember, before you take your clothes off that you have to take the plumbing, soap, & a light with you in common bathrooms, because most have no running water, or overhead light, or soap dishes or towel bars for that matter. Many times I’ve has to put my pants back on to go look for something I didn’t bring, like a cup to pour water from the basin on myself, instead of cupping water in my hands as many do. Here’s my funny story:

After returning & searching for a cup & remembering to wear sandals, because the floor is dirty & gravelly, first, the soap escaped, more than once & had to be rinsed off with a cup of precious water. Then I mistakenly tried to balance on one borrowed high heeled sandal to wash my other foot. Discovering that balance in dusk light is difficult, I bounced of the gravelly wall more than once. Changing feet got even more exciting until I remembered, to stand on the floor, until I rinse my foot before putting on the sandal. I just don’t do well in too small woman’s high-heeled sandals. But that’s only slightly more difficult than carrying a flashlight to the squatty potty, & balancing on sandals again while holding the roll of toilet paper under one arm & squatting side-ways, because I have one sore knee. Can you imagine having to aim a flashlight to see if you need to use more toilet paper:)? Then there’s the night that I left the toilet walking on the freshly rained on packed mud yard & had my feet slip out & land me firmly on my tail-bone! Thank goodness I have a fat behind & didn’t land on a stone!:)

Previews of my Amazing wife Tales!

She seems to be vaccinated against embarrassment. I’m sure she feels the initial onset of the disease, but she waves it off with laughter when everyone stares at us as we do what no one has ever seen a couple do in our city, or maybe ever in Africa!

We actually rode all the way to town & back on my recumbent bike with her on the towel padded luggage rack, saying, “I wish we had had this on our Uganda honey-moon!” Believe me, we were stared and laughed at. Not to mention that trying to balance a low slung recumbent bike on a rode with huge stones, ruts, loose gravel, and mud holes, cause both of us to be just short of terrified, even more on the good roads with traffic when balance is so difficult!

She is also very practical and tolerant: To my amazement and relief, after compensating for my over 50 active bladder (I am youthful, but I haven’t reversed that one:) by using an empty plastic salsa bottle, I brought with me from America, because who wants to go outside to an unlighted toilet in the middle of the night, more than once?, especially needed since I like salty food & drink a lot of water before sleeping:). I was afraid she would be disgusted by my bottle of “night juice”:), but without a word she got up & sat on a bucket for you know what. Then we laughed when she told me she wondered if my bottle was juice I drank, but it seemed to increase at night & disappeared in the day [I took it to the toilet], so maybe I was drinking it on the sly in the daytime;)

Then for public consumption: We bought her running shoes, pants, & t-shirt (she only had dresses, because of village custom) & we went running together for exercise. There were gawks, mirth, and titters everywhere we ran (there are people everywhere on foot, near any town or village) but she really enjoyed it & succumbed to short sprint races & is really fast, considering she is about 6 inches shorter or about as tall as my sprint stride. I can just barely beat her in a long sprint.

Fortunately we had bought a supply of topical anti-biotic & long running pants for her (her choice) because on the last sprint she was trying so hard to keep pace with my long legs, that she stumbled & fell head-long on the stony road in full sprint. & it was handy that she only weighs 112 lbs, because I looked back to see her face down on the road. With permission, I grabbed her by the shoulders & picked her straight up to her feet & nearly carried her to sit on a big stone by the road. She was dizzy, but I squatted down with one knee down (while 25 people gathered around:) & picked her up piggy-back to carry her home. A friend in the neighborhood, who speaks English well, he helped me so much after my last wife died, said, “She is a rare girl, here, who will run & ride a bike with her husband.” She really enjoys doing things with me, even when it causes people to stare and laugh! Best of all, she didn’t blame me for prodding her to sprint, but rather admired me for carrying her home & washing her wounds. When we “happened” to finish watching “Blood Diamond” & saw the strong black Solomon carrying the white African up the hill on his shoulders, she said, “That’s my honey!” What man doesn’t like his wife to admire him! For you compassionate folks, she was a bit stunned & had some “road rash” (even through her tough un-torn running pants) but no injured joints & she’s back to washing clothes by hand, helping Mama cook & changing diapers, but she doesn’t mind asking me to bath Ashkey or change her, when she is tired, etc. She is perfect for me, as I have always loved to do things that make people stare!

There is lot’s more to say about my wonderful wife & family here, but that’s a preview.

Thanks for listening to my news & joys!

Naye Lia kwa Mapenzi na Furaha,…


He Who Weeps with Love & Joy, for the Beautiful African Bride of Christ

(Known in the past as Greg Cunningham)

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If you want to call or text. My Rwanda phones are +250 72 295 9696, +250 784 55 25 95, & Racheal’s is +250-772-980-012.

Three New Waves:

Passionate Love————–From & for Jesus

Never-Ending Humility—To follow the King

Total Sacrifice ————–Living out His Love & Humility

April 23, 2012
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Our Happy Marriage testimony finished during our honey-moon

Wow! Our two wedding ceremonies, on March 17 were more fun than I imagined, with more Christian inspiration from Racheal’s two fathers & a young friend named Racheal than either of us had imagined.

First the Inspiration

In the first traditional “Introduction” ceremony at Racheal’s real father’s front yard, I picked him out, though I’d never seen him before., & saw that he didn’t have his 5th wife with him & didn’t smile very much, though I got a quick smile out of him. His background in brief:

After many years of smoking, drinking, womanizing & being somewhat wealthy & stingy, with Racheal & others praying for him the womanizing dropped off, of course he was about 68 at that time 10 yrs ago, then he stopped smoking & drinking, so Racheal thought God is answering my prayers bit by bit.

Sometime after he amazingly agreed that we could marry with no dowry requested, around October, he called his large family together to tell them something. He said, “Last night I had a dream. I was given a pair of spectacles. When I put them on, I saw the light. I saw a man preaching the good news of the cross of Jesus for salvation. When he finished he said, “Why don’t you give your life to Jesus. He will carry your burdens.”” Racheal said, “Daddy, do you want to receive Jesus, now?” He said, “Yes.” His whole family was stunned when their stingy father soon said, “I am going to give 1 milllion shillings (approx. $400) toward the celebration of Racheal & Greg’s marriage.”

He has changed greatly. He asked Racheal for a bible. He couldn’t read the small print, so he said, “I’ll go get reading glasses.” He traveled to the other side of the country to go to a Christian conference. He won’t let Racheal leave from a visit, until she prays with him. He recently told her, “I don’t intend to do for your sisters, what I did for you. You have my favor, because my spirit is one with yours!” Bear in mind that he is a new brother in Christ, but he is showing his oneness with those who are disciples of Jesus. When I talked to him twice on Racheal’s phone from the USA he was so happy to hear my voice as his future son-in-law.

During the first ceremony, I noticed when Racheal walked in a line of sisters by her father, he gave her a big broad smile, of great happiness! When the ceremony required that I give something to him I told him “Nashukuru!” which means I thank you from my heart. Then I hugged him. The whole crowd Oooohhed, because he grabbed me in a bear hug & swung us back and forth from right to left until I could hardly keep us on our feet! That video was too large to email.

He also gave a speech thanking all for coming and clearly saying that this joy was from Jesus and all the credit belongs to him!

In the Christian church style wedding, in the step-father & mother’s front yard (where I first met her) her step-father took the mic & gave us his advice in three short points:

“The first key to a our good marriage is love. After that,

We are patient with one-another,

When we do wrong, we forgive each other quickly.”

Racheal & I were both surprised & amazed, because she is praying for her him & her mother to know Jesus, as they are part of a religious, but not gospel-preaching, Anglican church. I thought that was the best sermon, I’ve heard on marriage, because it is biblical & I can easily remember it:)

Then a young lady friend/spiritual daughter of Racheal’s with the same spelled name read a poem she had written about marriage, with advice, mostly to me. It was really good! In short, she said, “Many other (suitors) tried, but you have won. You have found beautiful rose. She is a flower that must be cared for. The thorns may hurt, but you must care for your rose.”

I & my best man wore three different colorful African suits (I had to pay to be made) Racheal wore two & the wedding dress that my 30 yr old daughter helped me find at 40% off and bring in one of my 6 checked boxes/bags (I only paid $200 for extra bags, because my Christian travel agent got us a missionary ticket with 4 checked free & up to 51 lbs in my two carry-ons [Ashkey & I]). I literally took 800 lbs of luggage. Most of the weight was books, 8 computers, & 1 laser duplexing printer.

Custom, also required numerous gifts to father, mother, aunts, uncles, the group (1 cow, sugar, salt, soda, etc.) & special clothes for most of them. I was a little peeved at all the expenses for the traditions of her culture, but both parental families paid many of the expenses and did not require the traditional dowry. But I take my aggravation back, because the ceremony had beautiful lines of dancing walks of aunts, brothers, sisters, brides-maids, all in beautiful matching dress, great advice, memorable African suits & a large crowd rejoicing & laughing at my dancing, & her father’s joyful embrace of me among other things. It was way more fun than I had imagined!

Also my new Android phone was used by my Rwandan brother-in-law, by my deceased wife, to take nice quality photos & videos which I’ll attach to this email. My really great Kenyan (in USA) secretary bought me 2 long life batteries for my computer & 2 extra batteries for my new phone/camera/internet phone. I was so busy I forgot the nice $62 video camera we bought for the wedding, but we hired a man for $122 & he did a really good job, which will give us a DVD of wedding video & photos for another $61! Besides all that, I was amazed that all the key people & businesses could talk with me in good English, more than any other Africa country I have been in.

The honeymoon, so far:)

I told Racheal, I didn’t want to kiss until after we were married for two reasons:

Until you are married you are not sure that a lady will not become another man’s wife, & I want to be an example to those I teach & who hear our testimony.

I know from experience that a kiss of the mouth can easily lead to more that should be reserved for after marriage. So it’s a lot easier to avoid premature passion if you don’t kiss.

She actually was more of the initiator in expressing affection, such as leaning against me in a car, but as I expected, she respected my wish & did not kiss me, even in good opportunities. To my surprise, even though the “church” wedding included a typical American wedding dress the officiating pastor (the founder of a ministry with many pastors, evangelists, etc) mentioned the American practice, but that out of respect for both cultures they would allow me to give her a big hug. Naturally I picked her up, which was cheered by the nearly 400 people in the yard of her step-father & mother.

You could say that our honeymoon began on the trip to the nice hotel/cottage I found for the first few days, because, except for my two African foreign guests & one brides-maid sitting facing us in the rear of a rented Toyota mini-van, we were now married & free to express our affection. But other than falling asleep wrapped in my arms, we saved the rest for our hotel cottage. However we thoroughly enjoyed the conversations with her brides-maid, & my guests on our 3+ hr ride to our hotel/cottage. I am so glad my Kenyan partner came. We are so much alike & both encourage each other so much. My brother-in-law slept & had great conversations with me the night before the long drive to our ceremonies location in rural Kiboga, Uganda. They are two of my 4-5 closest friends in Africa.

I have nothing else to say, about our honey-moon, except we began our private time alone with two hot-water showers (a luxury in Africa) & on our knees praying to commit our marriage to the Lord & to His help & that we are both so thankful to God & happy to be joined together & seem to be made for one-another in every way.

Now, in the 6th day of our honey-moon, we have enjoyed every minute together, with frequent prayer & also reading two great books, mostly together. I forgot how wonderful “Voice in the Wilderness” by Loren Helm was! & Racheal is a natural gifted story teller. Her inflections are delightful, expressing her own genuine thrill or Oooohh! I did get sun-burned somewhat Thursday, but the time in the warm water of Lake Victoria was wonderful.

An added note: My wife asked me to bring some favorite books for her to read, so I brought “Men & Marriage” by George Gilder (she was reading it as I typed) & “A Voice in the Wilderness” by Loren Helm (you can only buy it used, I think). I have learned that she falls asleep if I read to her, but she is highlighting, so we can discuss the good points of that twice read & highlighted book on my part. I also ordered a 10G data plan for my computer, for about $60, with pretty good wireless broadband speed, so if I wait for buffers we can watch web-stream, news, commentary, & ministry teaching as I did in the USA.

The great trip & wedding preparations: I managed to finish packing 9 box/bags, counting my back-pack for baby stuff, 4 electronic chargers/cords, book, vitamins, computer, etc, by the time my only local old friend came with his wife & long mini-van to take all that, Ashkey & I to the Michigan Airport 90 minutes away from our home. Since I didn’t have time to go through the mountains of papers in my two table work area, because I was so busy finishing the unfinished jobs by the con I had planned to leave in charge of my business, before I discovered his thefts. So I forgot a few things I planned to pack , but the only crucial thing I remembered near our house, Ashkey’s bottle. Despite that return, we had just enough time for the long wait at the counter, because American Airlines did not have all the info for my unusual missionary air fare, but we had favor everywhere we went, when I showed up with a baby in my arms:). Going through security was slow because I had to take out 6 laptop computers, & 3 DVD players & repack my crammed 49 lb carry-on bags which allowed me to carry 800 lbs of luggage with just 6 (4 free) avg. 50 lb checked items. To my delight the AA counter scales did not work & they believed that the avg. weight of my items was under the 51 lbs allowed by British Airways & honored by connecting flights. Also they believed what they could not see, that we had 4 free checked bags & we only had to pay $60 for the first extra one & $140 for the 2nd one. They also allowed my jar of ground fried liver, & ground green beans & the bottle of formula passed the sniff test:) I even had free Wi-fi to send one email from my new phone from the airplane, before take-off.

O’hare transfer was not too bad, but one of my carry-ons lost its towing handle when I got on the flight to London, so I had to pile a 2nd 49 lbs of luggage on the bottom one & roll 98 lbs with one arm with a pack on my back & a baby in my arms at the London Airport. But two European men volunteered to carry one & both of my carry-ons with one carrying two down a flight of steps to the airport bus. After I had taken two short runs with my luggage, baby & pack, because my arm wasn’t strong enough to walk at slow speed, two British Airways ladies, started carrying my luggage & checked the broken one for free that had nothing I needed for the rest of the trip. They gave me a stroller, so things got easier from there.

On every plane the check in people, looked at me & said, “We’ll try to find you a better seat.” resulting in an empty seat next to mine on every, even mostly full plane. Some things don’t get done (like house cleaning) for a single parent/business owner, but traveling with a baby is the best way to travel! They even gave me free diapers, because I forgot the 7 I set out & checked all the rest.

The arrival & wedding preparations were amazing. God helped my host prepare for my arrival. At my temporary import bond request they found a lady who managed to get us around customs with all my boxes (we paid for a temporary import bond) but they didn’t even look at my luggage. She held Ashkey while I grabbed all 7 checked items. I was amazed that I could bring 4 ea boxes & bags with many non-exempt customs items with no one even asking a question. My host pastor was amazed, too, but the bond company must’ve had a contact who set things up great for the white guy with a baby, because someone walked up to me & told me to pass through an East African line, even though I needed a visa for me, & the particular person they sent me to, asked nothing about my bags. I got to see my fiancee for the 4rth day in our lives & the first day in 10 months. Even her pastor host was amazed that no one asked questions about our luggage!

The blessings of our 7 week delay:

One of my daughters, who is full of knowledge, interest, and love for babies, but was not speaking to me eventually told me that she would take care of Ashkey for me. Now she answers the phone, had watched Ashkey Saturdays & Sundays for 5 weekends, before I left, normally enjoys conversation, & has unblocked her emails to see photos of her youngest sister! She also found 20 sets of nice baby clothes for my trip for only $20, & bought a like new infant car-seat that was better & more updated that I used in the USA & can use with my next baby. I paid ½ (only $25). Not only do we now communicate positively, but she is so helpful, as she is very knowledgeable about baby nutrition, car-seat quality, and the pros & cons of various vaccinations, which concern me, but I didn’t have time to research.

After getting low cost health insurance for both of us, I finally found a doctor who would take new patients & got us both checked up & blood tested before we left the country. They also vaccinated Ashkey, with the great counsel of my brilliant natural health & good medicine oriented daughter for the most important vaccinations for a child traveling overseas. Ashkey was tested again with a test for infants & is HIV negative, as I am also, over 1 year after her birth by an AIDS mother!! (unknown to me) Our health-care plans paid all those expenses!

I finally got an honest and very experienced person to run my business, who has told me by phone, he is very busy with my business & just did 5 bids for replacements. He even stopped at my house to EMS a few things to me that I forgot because I was so busy.

I also was able to help a young man get established on his own after being institutionalized (wrongly) for 20+ years & was so blessed because he loves babies & could be trusted to watch Ashkey when I was so busy at the end finishing a job in an under-construction house & making many runs for details before I left the country.

My fiancee (now wife) was disappointed, but said, “Don’t hurry. Find a man you can trust, sleep, eat, & exercise:).” We both agree that God’s timing was perfect & that the blessings, especially of my improved relationship with my daughters were well worth the delay.

Notes about the photos, etc: Organizing, transferring, editing (if needed) & choosing takes a lot of time which recently single dads on their honey-moon don’t have, even when they are not working:). So I only named 3 photos & the 1 short video. They should be mostly in order, except for the 3 named ones. The video is not too good (me saying vows) but it was the only one from my new android phone small enough to email. The traditional wedding (introductory ceremony) which came first had us dressed with sport coats over traditional attire. The 2nd Christian wedding, we had new white & red clothes, except Racheal’s Western wedding dress. We all had a new suit in the dark photos during the reception.

Hallelujah! Thank you for listening to my news & joys!

Naye Lia kwa Mapenzi na Furaha,…


He Who Weeps with Love & Joy, for the Beautiful African Bride of Christ

(Known in the past as Greg Cunningham)

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